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DROE Tool Source Code (Finally!)

I can’t believe it has taken me over two years to get this code cleaned up and posted!  In that time I have changed companies, moved my family across the country, started a new job, bought a house, sold a house, and dealt with some health issues.  Even then, I can’t believe this has taken so long and I am sorry for the delay!

I realize that many people have probably moved on to other tools. Nonetheless, here it is (click here to download ZIP file). In this ZIP file you will find all of the AHK code that runs the current 0.5 alpha01 version plus some newer improvements, fixes, and mods that I have been using privately but never released. One of the major new features you will find in here is the ability to parse note text as it is submitted and automatically create tasks in Outlook. I was using this code for the better part of a year, but I haven’t tested it in a while since I am not currently managing tasks in Outlook.

Note that this ZIP file does NOT represent a fully tested or stable release of the DROE_Tool. This is simply a release of all of the source code that goes into the DROE_Tool for those of you that like to tinker with AHK code (and VBS code) and would like to customize the tool for your own needs. The normal warranty disclaimers apply:

  • NO WARRANTY: All software, information, and services provided by are provided on an “AS IS” basis with NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.
  • LIMITATION ON LIABILITY: Neither nor its proprietors accept responsibility or liability for damages or losses that may result from the use of this content. While every effort is made to test the content, it may still contain errors, omissions, or latent defects. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Note that this code takes advantage of newer features in AutoHotKey and must be run or compiled using a fairly recent version of AutoHotKey (formerly known as AutoHotKey_L) which is available here:

Good luck, and happy coding!

DROE Tool Plans

Just a quick update… I obviously have not had much time to maintain the DROE tool over the past few years. My original hope was that I could keep up with new features and new requests, but unfortunately that has not been the case.

My plan now is to clean up the source code, remove any personal information that might be there, then post everything to my blog. That way, anyone who has some experience with AutoHotkey can download the code and make any modifications that they wish. Stay tuned!


DROE Tool 0.5 Alpha01

As promised, here is an update to the DROE Tool.  I am calling this an alpha release since there may still be some rough edges, and this includes only about half the list of planned fixes and improvements.  Here is the summary of what is included in 0.5 alpha 01:

  • Hopefully fixed all compatibility issues with OneNote 2010 and Outlook 2010, including launching the DROE page, and using the “Quick Cat” hotkey to open categories dialog box.  Users must specify the 2010 versions of these apps in the INI file.
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: TEA encryption…  Users can quickly encrypt & decrypt selected text in place in any edit window with WIN-SHIFT-e and WIN-SHIFT-d.  Thank you to Laszlo and tic for their code in the AHK forums that became the basis of this version.
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Hotkey definitions can now be completely customized via the newly added DROE_Hotkeys.INI file  Read the rest of this entry »

Updated DROE Tool In the Works

I am finally working on a major update to the DROE Tool (stealing time over the holiday weekend).  I hope to have an alpha test version posted within the coming week.  I have already fixed the compatibility issue with OneNote 2010, and am working on some other enhancements such as configurable hotkey definitions.

I have pulled together a list of bug fixes and enhancements from your previous comments on the blog.  If there is something else you would like to see, or if you just want to make sure I don’t forget something, you can post a comment here.


UPDATE: Version 0.5 alpha01 is available for download.

DROE Tool now supports EverNote, and much more!

I just released a new version of the Daily Record of Events (DROE) note taking tool.  This release adds support for EverNote and text-based DROE files, as well as enhancements for the OneNote DROE.

From the README file, here is a summary of what changed in v0.4 (Beta). For complete details, download the README file. To get your own copy of the tool, see the Downloads page.

  • NEW FEATURE: Added support for a completely text-based DROE without the need for OneNote. This includes a quick edit window.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added support for EverNote… DROE Tool can send text notes to EverNote using EverNote’s auto-import feature
  • NEW FEATURE: The amount of white space between notes is now configurable in the INI file.
  • NEW FEATURE: “Clip Mode” causes any selected text to be clipped and included in the DROE entry. For OneNote DROE files, selected images are also sent to the DROE.
  • NEW FEATURE: WIN+LeftArrow now summons a new control panel that makes it easy to update settings in the INI file and reload the tool.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with cursor being stranded 3-4 lines below the date stamp.
  • Bug fix: The CTRL-SHIFT-K and CTRL-SHIFT-M shortcuts were not working when the Outlook window was active. This is fixed.
  • Updated and re-organized this README file. Switched to PDF format to significantly reduce the download size.