As promised in my previous post on “Bending OneNote and Outlook to Fit my GTD System“, here is the tool I use to drive my DROE (Daily Record of Events) in OneNote. This is a configurable tool built using AutoHotkey. Note that the tool is a compiled executable, so you do not need AutoHotkey installed to use it.

What the DROE tool does is give you a handy shortcut to quickly open OneNote, jump to the top of your Daily Record of Events (DROE) page, insert a time stamp, and begin capturing thoughts before they slip out of your head. The tool replaces the standard Sidenote shortcut (Win-N) with the new function. You can still open OneNote in full/normal mode using Win-Shift-N.

There are also some additional features included in this tool: Ability to paste without formatting, ability to use the Mac-like shortcut (Alt-W) to close a window, and additional shortcuts for bullets and manual time stamps. Each of the features can be individually enabled or disabled through the INI file.

Version 0.1 (still Beta of course!) and the installation instructions can be found on my new Downloads page. Please try it out and let me know what you think.