Part of my new year’s resolution is to be more prolific and to share more ideas, tools, templates, etc.  In the past I often tried to wait until I had things nearly perfected, and felt that everything needed an exhaustive write-up.  I may still do some of that, but you’ll also be seeing a lot more raw content.

So let’s get to it…   There are a lot of times where it is slightly rude or just not feasible to take notes with your laptop.  Good ole pen and paper still have their place.   As I mentioned previously, I use a small 5½” x 8½” binder for this purpose, along with some custom note pages.  The note template I use is in the spirit of the Cornell note taking method, but with some modifications.

One of the primary modifications is that there is no summary area at the bottom of the page. I found that I never used it for its intended purpose, and was better off with more note taking space.  I did preserve the “cue” area along the side.   This can be used for noting the date or fiscal week, flagging actions, or adding follow-up comments.

You can download the template here, and on the Downloads page.  The template is in Word format in case you want to make your own version.  There is also another version with the Cornell summary area intact.

If you would like some tips and suggestions on how to take notes, there is a nice podcast from Manager Tools.  You’ll also find plenty of additional templates at D*I*Y Planner, and even several online tools to generate templates on the fly.