As promised, here is an update to the DROE Tool.  I am calling this an alpha release since there may still be some rough edges, and this includes only about half the list of planned fixes and improvements.  Here is the summary of what is included in 0.5 alpha 01:

  • Hopefully fixed all compatibility issues with OneNote 2010 and Outlook 2010, including launching the DROE page, and using the “Quick Cat” hotkey to open categories dialog box.  Users must specify the 2010 versions of these apps in the INI file.
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: TEA encryption…  Users can quickly encrypt & decrypt selected text in place in any edit window with WIN-SHIFT-e and WIN-SHIFT-d.  Thank you to Laszlo and tic for their code in the AHK forums that became the basis of this version.
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Hotkey definitions can now be completely customized via the newly added DROE_Hotkeys.INI file 
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: The tool now has separate hotkeys for creating standard vs. PigPog Outlook tasks.  Both are accessible from anywhere: CTRL-SHIFT-k for a standard/blank task, and CTRL-SHIFT-p for a PigPog/Project task.  Users can also modify PigPogTemplate.TXT to customize what goes into the PigPog task.
  • Renamed the INI files to clearly separate the Settings and Hotkeys.  Since there are some format changes to the Settings INI, users should start with the new INI file versions and customize as needed.
  • DROE Capture window (for Text and Evernote modes) now has customizable width/height and can be made non-modal via the INI file.
  • Overhauled the Bullets feature to allow for customizable bullet text, bullet count, and indent level.  Added option to use a numbered list instead of bullets.
  • Hopefully fixed the timeout issues that a few users reported, and added the Base_Wait_Time parameter to the INI file which allows users to tweak the timing.  Most users should not need to touch this setting.
  • Fixed bug where CTRL+ENTER on the numeric keyboard did not submit the DROE capture window

Known Issues (add comments below if you find more):

  • The Office clipboard seems to interfere with some of the DROE Tool functions.  Recommend partially disabling it…  Or leave it fully engaged and let me know what issues you have ;-)
  • If the cursor ends up in the wrong field on the Outlook Task window, it can be messy when the PigPog template contents are sent.  I have seen this happen a few times.
  • The DROE Tool still assumes that Office 2010 is installed in English when checking for window titles.  This may result in some false timeouts being reported.

The documentation is not yet updated, but much of the guidance in the previous README file still applies.  Once the alpha releases are all done and the tool stabelizes again, I’ll update the documentation.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  DROE Tool 0.5 Alpha01

– Carl