I can’t believe it has taken me over two years to get this code cleaned up and posted!  In that time I have changed companies, moved my family across the country, started a new job, bought a house, sold a house, and dealt with some health issues.  Even then, I can’t believe this has taken so long and I am sorry for the delay!

I realize that many people have probably moved on to other tools. Nonetheless, here it is (click here to download ZIP file). In this ZIP file you will find all of the AHK code that runs the current 0.5 alpha01 version plus some newer improvements, fixes, and mods that I have been using privately but never released. One of the major new features you will find in here is the ability to parse note text as it is submitted and automatically create tasks in Outlook. I was using this code for the better part of a year, but I haven’t tested it in a while since I am not currently managing tasks in Outlook.

Note that this ZIP file does NOT represent a fully tested or stable release of the DROE_Tool. This is simply a release of all of the source code that goes into the DROE_Tool for those of you that like to tinker with AHK code (and VBS code) and would like to customize the tool for your own needs. The normal warranty disclaimers apply:

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Note that this code takes advantage of newer features in AutoHotKey and must be run or compiled using a fairly recent version of AutoHotKey (formerly known as AutoHotKey_L) which is available here: http://ahkscript.org/

Good luck, and happy coding!