Happy New Year!  I recently update the Manage-This.com website. There were some issues with the older version of WordPress I was using, as well as some limitations. The updated site fixes these issues and (hopefully) makes it easier to follow the various discussions. For example, there are now a few different ways you can track content, as mentioned on the subscription page:

  1. You can still subscribe to the main articles via RSS, and now there is also a link to the RSS feed for the comments.
  2. You have the option to subscribe to all comments for the site, or just the comments for individual posts.
  3. For those that prefer not to use RSS, you can also subscribe to both the main blog articles and the comment streams via email.

Another big improvement is that comments can now be threaded.  If your reply pertains to a specific previous comment, click the “REPLY” or “QUOTE” button and reply directly underneath that comment.   Your response will appear indented within that thread.  If you want to start a new comment thread, just scroll down to the comment box at the bottom of the page.

More articles to follow soon!