I recently started listening to the Back to Work podcast that Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin started a little over a year ago. Those of you that miss the regular posts on 43Folders will find the Back to Work podcast to be a refreshing alternative.

Since I was doing a lot of traveling, I dug in and listened to the first 69 episodes (more than 90 hours!) back to back. To keep myself sane, I started a little game. Beginning with episode 1, I collected all of the catch phrases and recurring bits from the show. Initially I envisioned that this could become some sort of drinking game since there is a live broadcast of the weekly show.

I decided instead to take advantage of the wonderful interactive tool created by Frank Ledo and make a “bullshit bingo” card. Granted, a bullshit bingo card is generally reserved for boring meetings where attendees attempt to boil the ocean by using buzzwords in earnest. That’s not the case for B2W, but the bingo tool is just incredibly handy.  I’m sure you’ll find your own uses!

Click the picture below to access the playable card. Refreshing your browser will generate a new random card pulled from this list of phrases.  I would also recommend checking out the Back to Work podcast.  If you are not yet acquainted with the show, I’d suggest listening to the first 5 episodes, then sampling every 7th episode after that.  As long as you stick with prime numbers you should be just fine.